I am Kylie.


Hi Everyone,

I have fallen in love with Pilates over the years and I want to take you on this journey as well.

My Pilates journey started over 10 years ago when my Mum took me to one of her pilates classes. Instantly I was IN LOVE ❤ I had been a dancer, a runner and played soccer all of which are high intensity sports and I thought that all you did in pilates was stretch – I was so wrong, it was so so much more!

I took a leap of faith and became a pilates instructor. My head was set that I was meant to do an office job as that is what was expected of me, not focusing on where my true passion was until one day I came to the realization of well why not… why can’t you do both to start – so I did!

I am based in Sydney Australia (Northern Beaches) and loving working with all different types of clients from:

  • Improving posture and alignment
  • Recovering from injuries
  • Increasing overall strength and control
    – Pre & Post Natal
  • Learning how to make exercise fun and not a chore

My love for this has expanded even further becoming qualified in Barre and Boxilates and always looking at new challenges. All levels of fitness can do pilates and I want to help show that to you in the right way.

Kisses Kylie xx

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