Abs for Summer in 7 minutes a day

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Do you have your abs for Summer ready to go?

Toning and strengthening your core is far more than just exercise, it is also a combination of:

  1. Drinking Water
  2. Eating the right size portions
  3. Cutting back on sugars (the bad ones)
  4. Eating more regularly throughout the day as opposed to one large meal

Once we have all of the above in check, let’s start with some of my top Abs for Summer exercises in just 7 minutes a day.


Pilates Ab Curl

Basic Ab Curl

Focus – starting to develop your abdominal strength for your other core exercises

Look out for – Your hands pulling your neck up in your curl

1 minute


Pilates workout - single leg stretch

Single Leg Stretch

Focus – Strength and endurance of your core whilst maintaining pelvic stability

Look out for – Keeping the core still – just move your arms and legs

1 minute


Pilates workout Plank


Focus – Improving your scapula and shoulder stability (and strengthening your core)

Look out for – not locking out your elbows

1 minute (or 2 lots of 30 seconds)


Pilates Side Plank

Side Plank

Focus – strenthening your oblique muscles and your shoulder joints

Look out for – Your pelvis and rib cage to be square to the front

30 seconds each side


Pilates workout - ab curl with rotation

Basic Ab Curl with Rotation

Focus – Develops strength around the oblique (side) muscles

Look out for – rotating your upper body instead of just turning your head to the side

1 minute

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