Benefits of salt rooms

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Salt room therapy

Salt room therapy

What are benefits of visiting salt rooms?

Ah salt rooms….If you are following my instagram – @pilateskylie, you will notice that I am a frequent visitor to salt rooms (Himalayan) once I have been travelling. Salt rooms help me recover a lot from my jet lag as well as from getting sick when I return from business trips.

I am going to start at the beginning with:

What are salt rooms?

A salt room (or you might know it as salt therapy) is a natural way that involves you inhaling a pharmaceutical-grade dry salt in a controlled environment. You sit back and relax as these salt particles disperse into the room. They go deep into your airways, lungs and on your skin. I know that sounds creepy but you barely know they are there! Quite often in salt rooms, you might need to keep blowing your nose as it is trying to unblock your sinus’s.

What are the health benefits of salt rooms?

  • Helps reduce the risk of catching a cold/flu
  • ​84 minerals within this active room (how good!!)
  • Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial
  • Can help with relief from dermatitis and psoriasis
  • Reduction of coughing
  • Greater utilisation of vitamins B and C (I am low in B6 & B12 so an added bonus here)
  • Can help with relief from several types of allergies and hay fever
  • Can assist with relief from migraine
  • Helps the immune system stay strong
  • Normalisation of hormonal imbalances
  • Improvements in sleep and relaxation
  • More effective functioning of the entire organism​
salt rooms

Salt rooms


Everyone uses salt therapy for their own reasons, and for this the number of sessions that you might need can always differ. Speak to your doctor if you are unsure if using a salt room is right for you!


Kisses Kylie xx

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