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How to use an epipen

Using an epipen


How to use an Epipen

Would you know how to use an Epipen correctly? It is amazing how many people I have spoken to that have no idea. My Fiance is one included and believed that you inserted it straight into a person’s heart like in Pulp Fiction…. This is who I have to save my life!

For 20 years of my life I had no allergies and along came some severe reactions such as vomiting and swelling when I was eating spicy food. I had eaten spicy food my whole life and I didn’t suspect anything from it, apart from maybe I had food poisoning or I was getting sick until my doctor made me get an allergy test and found out that I was actually anaphylactic to chilli.

Not the most common allergy I know! I had to start carrying around this thing called an Epipen (which isn’t the smallest to fit into a night out bag) with me everywhere that I went, just for caution. I also had Epipen training so if I wasn’t around anyone who could use one, I knew what to do.

Steps how to use an Epipen

  1. Hold around the middle part of the Epipen with the orange tip facing down
  2. Place the orange tip to the outside of the thigh
  3. Press down into the thigh until you hear a click
  4. Hold it in and count out loud 1, 2,3 before removing

TIP – It helps when you are lying on your side to stabilise the needle into your body

Everyone can have a slightly different reaction to the adrenaline after, for me I cannot stop shaking and I am so cold it is hard to catch your breath. Calling an ambulance to take the treated patient to the hospital is always the next step as sometimes on rare occasions the reaction can spike again.

Do you know what an epipen actually does to you? Well the epipen is an injection that contains a chemical called epinephrine. This chemical helps narrow blood vessels and open up the airways in the lungs to help breathing again.

Become familiar with what an Epipen is and how you would use it – it can save someones life!

Kisses Kylie xx

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