Pilates Planks – Best variations to challenge yourself

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Walk the plank – one way or another.

Planking is such a great way to strengthen your core, scapular and to strengthen your upper body strength. Once you have your form in plank you might start thinking to yourself – this is easy! Adding on different variations and changing your timing that you are holding plank is the challenging bit.


Elbow Planks

Focusing more on stabilising the shoulders and still trying to keep that straight line – challenge to try and hold this for 10 seconds longer each time


Straight Arm planks

This is more challenging than an elbow plank (not for all), make sure that if you are looking from the side you have a straight line from your shoulder, hip and knee


pilates planks by barlates

Planks – one leg hover (Leg Pull Front)

Once you have mastered the straight arm planks, add on a challenge for yourself by hovering one leg up and at time. This really starts to increase your core and upper body strength. That leg doesn’t need to lift high (even a few cms off the ground), we are trying NOT to shift your weight side to side


Planks – one leg tap wide

Continuing on the stabilise the core and upper body strength focus, we have the challenge of tapping one foot out to the side and back into plank. Your hips and weight need to stay still (really work into your core here)

Get ready to plank to increase your strength one day at a time.

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