Tricep Dips – what are some variations?

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Tricep Dips – are you game?

If you ask around ‘What is your favourite type of upper body workout?’ I highly doubt that you will have Tricep dips as an answer. Tricep dips however are one of my favourite exercises and being a pilates teacher we get to teach these ALL the time.

The main arm muscle that we tend to focus on is your bicep – the meatier part of your arm, but don’t be fooled as toning and strengthening your triceps (in the back of your arms), are just as important. The stronger your triceps are, the more strength and stability you gain in your upper body.

One of my go to exercises are tricep dips. You can do these ANYWHERE! Not just on a mat at home or in your class but out and about.

You can do tricep dips on:

  • Rocks
  • Chairs/Bench
  • Grass or a flat area

If you are starting off strengthening your triceps, then here are my tips:

Beginner tips for Tricep Dips

  1. Place your hands in line with your shoulders and turn your fingers in towards your glutes
  2. Bend your legs and have them hip distance apart
  3. Slide your bottom just off the bench (or rock in my case)
  4. Your arms are straight with a slight bend in your elbows (never locking the elbow out)
  5. Inhale as you bend your arms slowly, so that your elbows are pointing behind you, not out towards the side
  6. Exhale as you straighten your arms back up to the start

Congrats – that is one rep!!

Tricep Exercises

Bent knee Tricep Dip

Feeling a deeper challenge? Why not move to intermediate tricep dips by straightening your legs out in front of you. The same steps as above will apply, but you have more weight on your arms now – eeek how I love them!


Tricep Dip exercises

Straight Leg Tricep Dip

Breathing is so important in these exercises to help you move seamlessly throughout but also to help when you are starting to fatigue.

Next time you are out on a walk and you see a bench – stop and give it a go


Kisses Kylie x


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