9 Secrets You MUST Know BEFORE starting your fitness journey.

Discover my secrets of how to change your body, the healthy way!

Transforming your body can be challenging, and too often we forget to have a good solid foundation BEFORE we begin our fitness journey. I have gone through a lot of these struggles myself and want to help you with some of my go-to's that will transform your body & mind into a fit, happy and healthy person. 


Current Clients

"Kylie instructs the most amazing Pilates classes. She incorporates exercises to shape and tone the whole body, along with creating a clear and calm mind whilst getting sweaty! She is always there to assist if you’re having any trouble with an exercise and always encouraging you to challenge yourself."


“Being new to pilates, I was grateful to Kylie for creating a fun, supportive, atmosphere with clear instruction and variations for all levels. After a year of pilates with Kylie, I’m not only grateful for feeling stronger & more flexible than I have in years, but also for a new passion in life that has had a positive impact on my overall wellbeing.”


I'm here to support you on your transformational journey...

What’s Inside your guide?

I've been there

What helped me change my life from being skinny to fit. This is not easy to do and it will take time. But together, we can do it!

Multiple Relapses

This does occur to the best of us, instead of letting it get you down, pick yourself back up and try again. I share with you my top tips to keep you going.

Discover The Secrets

Ready to discover how to go from skinny to fit and feel much happier with yourself?  You will discover secrets to help you get there, that I've personally used.

About Your Trainer


Kylie has been in the Fitness industry over 10 years. She has struggled with weight issues of her own throughout her teenage years and knew that it had to change in her 20s. Kylie takes us through the journey that she has experienced to help create a fit, healthy and happy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition.

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Secrets Of Transforming Skinny To Fit